[V100] Victorinox Walker 簡約生治多用途工具

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  • $190.00
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Key features

  • With a handy blade for all your everyday walking adventures
  • Swiss made pocket knife with 9 functions
  • Includes bottle and can opener, screwdriver, wire stripper, wood saw, key ring, tweezers and toothpick 
Item number 0.2313
Height 13 mm
Length 84 mm
Weight 46 g

Medium Pocket Knife with Combination Tool

Some tools take everything in their stride. And our Walker medium pocket knife is a blade that knows no bounds. An everyday trailblazer, it steps up to the daily adventure game and delivers. Sling it in your pocket for a Sunday stroll, or hook it to your backpack for an intrepid hike. From carving timber, chopping logs for a roaring campfire, to opening a thirst-quenching bottle, this compact multitasker has all bases covered.



  1. Blade, large
  2. Bottle opener
  3. Can opener
  4. Screwdriver 5 mm
  5. Wire stripper
  6. Key ring
  7. Toothpick
  8. Tweezers
  9. Wood saw


Height 13 mm
Length 84 mm
Width 23 mm
Weight 46 g


Material ABS/cellidor 
Blade lockable No 
One hand blade No 
No. of features
Color Red