POINT65 Boblbee GTX 最強護脊硬殼背包

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Point65 Sweden GTX 硬殼背包以極高的保護性,時尚的外型,貼合的舒適性,以及經久耐用的物料而深受歡迎,十分適合工作或日常使用。

  • 抵抗93%衝擊力: 歐盟最高防護規格(EN1621 2級)認證,提供護甲級數的脊椎保護,可吸收高達93%衝擊力。
  • 流體力學設計: 參照了空氣流動力學原理,有效大大減低運動時所產生的風阻,抗水的頂蓋和外殼亦能為你抵擋日常微雨
  • 組裝式設計: 除了左肩電話袋,頂蓋和背囊內也有多個收納袋,手提電腦間隔。另外,它十分適合額外添置配件,例如全臉頭盔網,桶袋,側袋,腰帶,及相機內膽等,為你提供靈活的個性化。除此之外,滑雪板及航拍機等亦可擺放在背囊底的凹位。
  • 盡顯個人風格: 簡單搭配原廠彩色飛鏢扣,第三方推出的配件如CNC飛鏢扣,鈦合金螺絲,已經俐落有型;貼上不同品牌貼紙,就猶如背上身的鵜鶘皮套!最意想不到的是背囊的每件配件原來可拆開,獨立噴色,甚至拿外殼拉花,彩繪,更有用家將機器零件直接安裝在背囊上,變成背負式流動裝備!無窮改裝潛力,不怕你試,只怕你試不完。
  • 出乎意料的舒適體驗: 而且背板採用人體工學設計,單片式一體成型EVA軟墊,有效通風,遠比你想像中更舒適
  • 限量版本,物料科技的頂峰: 以上強勁規格還不能滿足您的要求?多款限量版正正為追求完美的你而設:除了鏡面鉻和各種碳纖特別版,還有由林寶堅尼研發,近年才推出市面的最新物料鍛造碳纖維鍛造碳纖!不只更輕,更強,獨特的紋理亦帶來無可比擬的時尚感。背上背囊,頓時霸氣外溢,保持住全場。
尺寸 (20L / 25L )

56 × 35 × 20 cm / 53 x 32 x 19 cm

重量 (20L / 25L ) 2000 g / 1800 g
容量 (20L / 25L ) 20L / 25L
最大手提電腦尺寸(20L / 25L ) 38 × 26 × 5 cm / 33 x 23 x 5 cm



Point 65 Boblbee GTX 25L is certified by the European Union (EN1621 Level 2). It is the highest protection specification in the industry. It provides armor-grade spine protection and can absorb up to 93% of the impact in the event of an accident! For friends who use motorcycles to travel, it is difficult to wear armor every day, but the rucksack can definitely be worn every day, because you never know when you need extra protection! Even for extreme sports such as skiing and mountain biking, the hard shell blessing is more secure.

The backpack refers to the principle of aerodynamics to effectively reduce the wind resistance generated during exercise, and is no longer blown to the left and right by the strong wind; the water-resistant top cover and shell can also withstand the daily light rain. Of course, with a 360-degree protective rain jacket, you can resist more extreme weather, a must for outdoor activities!

In addition to the left shoulder phone pocket, there are also multiple storage pockets and laptop compartments in the top cover and backpack. Want to have a stronger lineup? The original factory also has a series of additional accessories: Full Face helmet net, bucket and side pockets to increase storage space, belts to increase stability during extreme sports, camera liners for photography, etc.; you can even swing skis and aerial cameras Put it in the recess at the bottom of the backpack, and reload it to battle!

Simply match the original color dart buckle and third-party accessories such as CNC dart buckle and titanium alloy screws, which are already neat and stylish; put on different brand stickers, just like a Pelican Case on your back! The most unexpected thing is that each accessory of the backpack can be disassembled and sprayed independently, and even the shell can be drawn and painted. It is even more convenient to install the machine parts directly on the backpack to become a backpack-style mobile equipment! Infinite modification potential, I'm not afraid of you trying, I'm afraid you will never finish.

**This is a pre-order product, it will take about 4-7 working days