Original S.W.A.T. ACTION Fit Insole

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    • Ortholite® foam compresses less than 5 percent over time so the cushioning and fit never change
    • Top layer recovery foam conforms to the foot, creating a custom fit every time pressure is applied to the insole, providing maximum cushioning comfort
    • Core layer density formulated for high rebound absorbs harmful impacts from running and quick movements, while maintaining supportive durability
    • Contoured support in teh heel and arch mimics teh foot’s natural form and assists proper movement
    • Machine washable, coming out like new every time while maintaining all original performance benefits
    • Lightweight open-cell foam technology keeps kit weight down to reduce fatigue, unlike dense gel inserts
    • Antimicrobial in a patented salt-based formula permeates the entire product (not just the fabric top) to fight against the presence of fungus, bacteria, and odor