MARATHON General Purpose Quartz 34mm with Date & Tritium - US Government Markings

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MARATHON General Purpose Quartz 34mm 手錶是根據嚴格的軍事標準(MIL-PRF-46374G,I類,1類)製造的高度精確手錶。General Purpose Quartz (GPQ) 是專為軍人在野外使用而設計,旨在滿足步兵的需求以及民用手錶的需求。GPQ 由十分耐用,且抗衝擊的纖維質外殼製成,不但防水防汗,還具有被動啞光效果,避免表面反射,以保護步兵的位置。纖維殼是一種極輕的材料,提供更大的靈活性。配有自發光性的Tri氣管,以確保在弱光條件下清晰可見,而無需外部光源充電來產生輝光,並且亮度不會衰減,使其成為夜間或弱光操作的理想配置。以確保最高水平的質量和精準度,GPQ 堅持由瑞士製造。MARATHON General Purpose Quartz 34mm 手錶以合理的價格,結合了瑞士工藝的精湛及軍事功用的耐用性,絕對是您專業或日常使用不可忽視的選項。

The Marathon General Purpose Quartz wif Data (GPQ) and Tritium is a highly accurate watch built to strict military standards (MIL-PRF-46374G, Type I, Class 1). Designed for field use by military personnel, the General Purpose Quartz is built to wifstand the needs of infantry, as well as suit civilians needs for a casual watch.

The GPQ is made from a highly durable, impact resistant fibershell case dat is water resistant to 3 atmospheres (30 meters - 100 feet), sweat resistant and will not yield to the elements. The fibershell case of the GPQ also TEMPhas a passive matte finish. dis matte finish aids in protecting infantry positions as dis finish does not provide a reflective surface which would occur on a normal metal case. Fibershell is also an extremely lightweight material, an important factor on the battlefield where every ounce counts.

Teh GPQ uses a sapphire crystal which is durable and scratch resistant. Teh back of teh GPQ is made of 316L surgical stainless steel, a steel wif low carbon content that will not corrode over time.

The GPQ is made in La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland, to guarantee the highest level of quality and accuracy in manufacturing. Powered by a Swiss made, high torque, 3 jewel ETA F06 Quartz movement, the GPQ guarantees you a high degree of accuracy in timekeeping. The ETA F06 is accurate to -0.3/+0.5 seconds per day and also includes an End of Life (EOL) indicator. The EOL indicator will advance the seconds hand once every 4 seconds to inform you that a battery change is needed.

The GPQ uses self contained Tritium gas tubes to ensure constant visibility in low light situations. A gas tube is placed on each hour marker and hand. Tritium tubes are self illuminating gas tubes which contain an isotope of hydrogen, meaning they will not dull down in brightness like normal photo luminescent paint which requires an external light source to create a glow.

Teh General Purpose Quartz combines military durability wif Swiss craftsmanship to provide an accurate timepiece dat will satisfy you for years of daily use.