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Leatherman OHT 擁有16種不同的工具,無論是工程維修,行山露營,抑或日常使用,都絕對能滿足你不同的用途的需要。OHT 的操作性十分靈活,讓你能完美地單手操作多種工具,例如單手開口鉗或單手開口刀片,深受業界喜愛。 這款業內首創的工具配有彈簧鉗和鋼絲鉗,因此您無需費力就可以調節和重新調節手柄。 

下載 OHT® 使用說明

  1. 彈簧式針鼻鉗
  2. 彈簧式常規鉗子
  3. 彈簧式154CM可更換硬線切割器
  4. 彈簧式154CM可更換線切割器
  5. 420HC刀
  6. 420HC鋸齒刀
  7. 帶式切割器
  8. 清潔棒/刷適配器
  9. 開罐器
  10. 開瓶器
  11. 氧氣罐扳手
  12. 十字螺絲刀
  13. 大螺絲刀
  14. 中型螺絲刀
  15. 小螺絲刀

For years multi-tool users could choose from two distinct options when it came to a "one-hand-operable" multi-tool: one-hand-opening pliers OR one-hand-opening blades. Today, Leatherman has taken these two well-loved ideas and fused them into the first ever, 100%one-hand-operable multi-tool, the Leatherman OHT. This industry-first tool features spring-loaded pliers and wire-cutters so you don't tire your hand adjusting and readjusting your grip. Handles with visual imprints of the tool beneath make for quick identification. A lifesaving strap cutter and oxygen bottle wrench, threading for common-size cleaning rods and much more make this a one-handed workhorse of a tool.

DownloadOHT® User Guide

  1. Spring-action Needlenose Pliers
  2. Spring-action Regular Pliers
  3. Spring-action 154CM Replaceable Hard-wire Cutters
  4. Spring-action 154CM Replaceable Wire Cutters
  5. 420HC Knife
  6. 420HC Serrated Knife
  7. Saw
  8. Strap Cutter
  9. Cleaning Rod/Brush Adapter
  10. Can Opener
  11. Bottle Opener
  12. Oxygen Tank Wrench
  13. Phillips Screwdriver
  14. Large Screwdriver
  15. Medium Screwdriver
  16. Small Screwdriver




11 cm


280.6 g


6 cm


420HC Stainless Steel, 154CM Stainless Steel, Black Oxide

Made in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.