Cambridge Mask N95 BASIC MASK N95 可重用口罩(90小時)

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  • New Lab tested filtration technology filters over 95% of pollution, gases, and bacteria and viruses up to 90 hours of use.
  • Trusted by people at risk of respiratory diseases, living in or travelling to areas with high air pollution levels
  • Protection against odours, all PM; PM2.5, PM0.3, pollen, smoke and pathogens such as viruses and bacteria.
  • Presented in a frustration free ziplock bag for reuse
  • The mask can be washed with soap and hot water, however, keep in mind that this will not extend the life of the filters.

被譽為英國污染的解決方案,英國品牌 Cambridge Mask™的過濾系統結合了顆粒過濾層,經美國的 Nelson Lab 測試,證實符合N95顆粒過濾標準,對PM2.5和PM0.3等顆粒污染可提供保護。濾網濾掉病毒,細菌和氣體污染物,例如揮發性有機化合物(VOC)、臭氧、芐星和甲醛。

Cambridge Mask BASIC 符合N95標準,能夠過濾空氣中95%的顆粒、細菌和病毒,最長可使用90小時。

* 可以用肥皂和熱水手洗面罩,但這不會延長過濾器的使用壽命。由於整個面罩是過濾器,污染物將被鎖在面罩中。因此,在使用壽命過後將需要一個新的面罩,並不能單獨更換濾網。

Filter Perfomance 濾芯性質 N95
Packaging 包裝 Sealed Plastic Bag
Weight 重量 70 grams
Filter life 過濾芯壽命 70-90 hours