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Victorinox 不銹鋼匙扣

Victorinox 不銹鋼匙扣

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Key features

  • Keeps your Victorinox knife safely on your belt
  • Stainless steel multiclip
  • Includes snap hook
Item number 4.1858
Height 26 mm
Length 138 mm
Weight 38 g

Belt Hanger with Snap Hook

Attach your Victorinox to the Belt Hanger Multiclip and put your mind at ease. The Belt Hanger Multiclip is designed to keep your Victorinox securely on your person. So even if it slips out of your pocket, it won't disappear. And when it's go time, simply slip the Belt Hanger off your belt and get to work. Simple. Easy. Secure.
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