Top Gun Maverick 壯志凌雲 x Cockpit USA 經典皮褸

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Top Gun Maverick 壯志凌雲 x Cockpit USA 經典皮褸


    TOP GUN was first premiered 33 years ago (1986) in July.  Not only did it became what Tom Cruise is known for, it also made items like Ray-Bans, motorcycles and leather jackets into hot items.


壯志凌雲是以美國海軍戰鬥機武器學校為背景的電影 (英文簡稱TOPGUN,亦即片名由來)。由湯告魯斯所飾演的主角加入了TOPGUN受訓,搭檔在一次意外中喪生令他陷入低潮,後來成功克服,在任務中擊退敵機,終成為新一任TOPGUN教官。

TOP GUN is based on the United States Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor program, better known as TOPGUN (Which inspired the film’s name).  The protagonist played by Tom Cruise enrolled in TOPGUN to become a pilot, yet was caught in a slump due to the death of a partner. He later overcame the slump and fought off enemy fighter jets and at last became a TOPGUN instructor.


    久別33年,續集壯志凌雲:獨行俠終於宣佈在2020年的6月上映,但由於COVID-19 (俗稱: 武漢肺炎) 的關係,現預計2020 年12月上映,大家可以先看宣傳片和幕後花絮:

    After 33 years, the sequel to TOP GUN, TOP GUN: MAVERICK is announced to premiere on 2020 June, with trailers and behind-the-scenes released , and according to spread of COVID-19 , now amended the releasing date is in December 2020.  

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A whole 7 minutes of trailer, showing everything TOP GUN was known and loved for.  With modern technologies, every angle in the cockpit is captured and everything will be filmed live instead of CGI – As the interview had mentioned: “…You can’t act that, the distortion in the face…”