CORDURA® 是什麼| What is CORDURA®?

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CORDURA® 是什麼| What is CORDURA®?

To be short and simple, CORDURA® is a ridiculously tough performance fabric.



The most commonly used type of CORDURA® is their CORDURA® Classic Fabric in 330D, 500D, 700D or 1000D for backpacks, clothing and footwear.  They are proven to be highly resistant to abrasion and tear, with a certain degree of water repellency to keep you and your belongings nice and dry in mild rains.  As their name suggests, it’s durable.  

最常見的CORDURA®應該非CORDURA® Classic Fabric﹝經典款﹞莫屬。330D、500D、700D、1000D等不同重量的布料都有在背包、衣物和鞋上使用。它們有著極高的磨損和撕裂抗性,還有一定的疏水力,在雨中保護你和你的物品。

Most consumers will be satisfied with 500D products in an urban environment where slight but not extreme tears and wears do happen on their fabrics.  1000D products are twice as heavy as 500D products, that’s why some manufacturers sacrifice some durability for comfort, but 1000D products are near unbreakable and is perfect for military or outdoor applications, where a hole in your backpack means big trouble.

因為500D已經具有足夠的能力對抗在都市人日常生活中會面對的磨損,大部份的使用者都會對500D的產品感到滿意。由於1000D的布料重量是500D的兩倍,有不少產品都以少許的耐用度換取較高的舒適度。當然1000D布料也有它們的用武之地,在軍事用或戶外用時,背包破了一個洞的後果比日常用嚴重得多,堅不可摧的1000D CORDURA®便是首選。



One thing to note is that CORDURA® is a brand, which kept on developing new types of performance fabrics like CORDURA® Combat Wool™ Fabric, CORDURA® Denim, CORDURA® TRUELOCK Fiber and many more newly developed fabrics.  It can be too much of a feast to digest, but most CORDRA® used in popular products are their most proven and trusty CORDURA® Classic Fabric and you can be assured, if you see the CORDURA® tag on a product, you can trust it.

要留意的是CORDURA®本身是一個仍然在推出不同新布料的品牌,像是CORDURA® Combat Wool™ Fabric﹝戰鬥羊毛﹞, CORDURA® Denim﹝牛仔布﹞, CORDURA® TRUELOCK Fiber﹝防失色﹞等不同新式布料。這刻的你或許會有些目不暇給,但你絕對能相信使用CORDURA®布料的產品。